How To Define Your Target Audience

Who better to learn from than ourselves?
The New Lens of Creation (how to define your target audience)

There’s a new form of marketing in town and it’s self-discovery marketing.

Gone are days of typical strategies:

  • Where they live
  • What their job is
  • How much they earn

We are the target audience.

Our past stories, struggles, and successes.

There’s nobody better qualified to talk about our own experiences than us.

Let’s say you suffered with procrastination.

You understand exactly:

  • What holds you back
  • What problems you faced
  • What it’s like to experience it

And which solutions are required to overcome it.

It’s a unique opportunity to use our own struggles to create:

  • Content
  • Services
  • Products

And offers that surround our real-life experiences.

Here’s how to make the most of it:

1) Outline the biggest problems in your life

Once you’re aware the target audience is going to be you, you need to know what problems you’re going to solve.

Our objective is to create content around our own problems, pains, and desires so that we present ourselves as the reliable, authoritative solution.

This is how you get paid to solve your own problems.


Lack of Clarity and DirectionFeeling lost, unfulfilled, confusedFinding direction, meaning and purpose
Self-Doubt and Imposter SyndromeFeelings of unworthiness and insecurity, fear of being exposed as a fraudRecognition and respect, validation
Fear of Failure and Risk AversionParalysed by fear, regret, stagnationConfidence, risk-taking

2) Brainstorm content ideas

Now you know what problems you’re going to solve, it’s time to flesh out some content ideas.

My reccommendation is to create long-form content and extract writing from it to promote to your top of funnel (social media).

This way your newsletter, or article, is the focal point of your creator business.

There’s a reason Dan Koe, Kieran Drew, and Justin Welsh (the top entrepreneurs) all create atleast 1x long-form per week.

  • It highlights authority
  • It shows you’re serious about what you do

And it also allows you to completely flesh out your current understanding to highlight the gaps in your knowledge.

This is how you identify your blind spots and improve your current level of thinking.

Now brainstorm a handful of ideas to:

  • Position youself as an authority
  • Create content that resonates
  • Inspire people to take action



  • How to gain clarity and find direction in life


  • How to overcome self-limiting beliefs and achieve your goals

Fear of Failure:

  • How to overcome fear of failure and take calculated risks

Can you see how creating content relating to your own problems (that you’ve solved) can help position you as someone to help solve other people’s problems?

If you’re stuck for idea generation – you can use ChatGPT to help spark ideas.

I don’t recommend using it to give you the answers, but it’s a great way to gain a foundation for what you’re trying to build.

At the end of the day, if you use GPT to do all the work for you you’re never going to connect the dots in your own mind.

That’s what’s important here.

I suggest outlining your own ideas first, then asking GPT to let you know if you’ve missed anything clear and obvious.

3) Create a brand new offer

Now go to ‘create an offer‘ and create a new offer to align with your new target audience (your past self).

Now you have a target audience offer to your past self, you know his problems, pains, desires, and you know exactly how to help him with your long-form writing ideas.

The two most important steps are complete, and most importantly, aligned.

This is a powerful marketing strategy to create online (hence why all top creatives do it).

Your new marketing strategy should look something like this:

Your purpose > Your offer that’s aligned with your purpose > Targeted content that’s aligned with problems you’ve already solved > Your offer as the authoratitive solution.

A powerful recipe to build an online business.

To Summarise

The internet has given us a golden opportunity.

We’re able to create a business around what we care about, an offer around problems we’ve already solved, and position ourselves as an authority to monetise the journey.

There’s never been a better time to get started.

See you next week!


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