You’re Scared To Fail Because You Don’t Care About Your Goals

For a long time I cared what others thought of me.

It’s human nature.

We all care, but the level we care differs between each person.

One might give a huge fuck, the other not so much.

The idea is coming to terms that you’re going to give one.

Here’s a common theme I see:

People have a goal, dream, or desire.

They know exactly what they want, but they don’t have the courage to bring that idea into reality.

They care too much about:

  • What other people think
  • If they’ll fail and look stupid
  • Or if they’ll be judged beyond belief

But it’s going to happen regardless.

You can’t run from human nature, you have to embrace it.

Your opinion matters the most

Your problem is judgement.

You’re terrified of what other people might think of you, and that’s ok.

Everyone’s dealt with it at least once in their life. You’re no different.

You might sit there and say it’s your plan, resources, or whatever other excuses you tell yourself that’s holding you back, but the root of all suffering is judgement.

You’re afraid of what other people think of you.

But don’t you realise how much of mental prison that is?

When you submit to the opinions of others you subsconciously accept that their ideas are superior to your own.

You tell yourself “it’s ok that I’m not chasing my dreams because the opinions of others are more important to me”.

It becomes a self-fullfiling prophecy.

Finds a new idea > doesn’t start because of judgement > finds a new idea

Face your fears head on

I can’t imagine growing old and looking back on my life with regret.

Ever since I was young, I’ve been gung-ho on what I want.

I dropped out of college, but wanted to travel the world, so I saved up from my 9-5 and booked a 1-way ticket abroad.

I had no business experience, but wanted to work for myself, so I self-educated myself to earn an online income.

I had never written before in my life, but wanted to start creating online, so I started writing a weekly newsletter.

The common theme here:

I don’t allow my fears to dictate my life.

If I’m aware of something I’m avoiding due to fear, I do it. Because I know what I’m fearful of is exactly what I need to do. And whatever I don’t due to fear, I become a slave to.

You need a goal you genuinely care about

I’ve learned many valuable lessons from this, and the most important being this:

There’s no such thing as fear, only the idea of it.

It’s a mental construct designed by the mind to keep us safe.

When we have a goal we genuinely care about, it supasses the idea of judgement because we care more for the goal than we do the opinions of others.

We forget about our flaws and become one with our work.

Every decision you make it based on percentages.

And every choice you make it always in favour of the decision. So if you care more for X, or Y, Z is never getting done.

The same goes for your goals.

If you care more about your goals than the opinions of others, you’ll do what needs to be done.

But if you slightly favour the opinions of others, you’ll never get anything done.

A life where we don’t care about the opinions of others is the goal.

That doesn’t mean you disregard everything eveeryone has to say.

what people have to say is important, but we don’t prioritise their opinions over our own.

We hear what they have to say but ultimately we make and act in alignment with our own opinions.

This should be the objective for everyone to live by.

The purpose planner

  1. Pick a goal you genuinely care about
  2. Break it down into actionable 1-year goals
  3. Break your 1-year goals down into monthly
  4. Break your monthly goals into daily tasks & habits
  5. Hold yourself accountable through daily self-reflection

Now summarise the key points and emphasise the transformation

Summarise the key points and focus on the transformation. Help your readers visualise the change.

  1. You can’t run from human nature
  2. Your opinion matters
  3. Face your fears head on
  4. You need a goal you genuinely care about
  5. The purpose planner

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